By way of an introduction…

Hello. My name is Pete Burgess. I work in solar power in the UK. Currently I’m doing an EngD in monitoring of systems. I will explain a bit more what an EngD is and why they are great in another post quite shortly.

As must surely be traditional I am starting this blog with a slightly meta- post about why I’m blogging.

Firstly why Set In Etch-A-Sketch? Well, I’m one of them scientists and I read something the other week saying climate change was scientific dogma that was set in stone. Well, science is never set in stone. The whole point is that we can and do change our minds if someone can convince us we should. Set in Etch-A-Sketch (I need an acronym, SIEAS?) was one I thought of for a better picture of how science develops over time. I first thought of Set in Jelly (jell-o to you America) but that didn’t get across that you can change and develop, just that you are a bit wobbly. Then I settled on SIEAS which is better but to be honest, still a bit rubbish as this means you have to throw everything out and start with a blank page which still isn’t how science works. Still, SIEAS does get across that science is only a temporary edifice and also that if you want to change everything you need to twiddle some knobs or give something a good shake!

Next what’s in my mind that’s so good anyway? Well, I’ve been active in sustainability (mostly energy) for a number of years and at the moment there’s a bit of a green backlash going on and when I hear politicians and commentators going on about how much of a burden it is on the economy I get angry and I need an outlet.

While I have opinions on a bunch of things, my intention is to keep this blog restricted to my areas of genuine expertise i.e. sustainable energy and the process of getting oneself an EngD. Let’s see if I can stick to this goal.




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