Feed in tariff review review Part 3: I fought the law and the law(yers) won

Much shorter than the previous two parts as there are fewer issues to point out.

The government has put draft legislation before parliament which means that any installations from March the 3rd will be on the new rates. If they hadn’t been so busy fighting a court case they had almost no chance of winning. If they hadn’t used your money to pay lawyers to argue until they’re blue in the face that up is down. If they’d got on with doing this as soon as parliament re-opened after Christmas they could have brought that deadline forward a couple of weeks.

The government are now pursuing an appeal at the Supreme Court. Given they were told at the High Court that they needn’t bother the appeal courts because they’re just plain wrong and they were told the same thing by the Court of Appeal, we need to ask why they choose to spend tax revenue on lawyers rather than solar power. Is it because most politicians come from a legal background?

Actually no, the whole point of spending tens of thousands of pounds more on a doomed appeal to the Supreme Court is to sow uncertainty. No reputable solar installer can guarantee a customer that their installation will get the existing rates if installed before March the 3rd even though the likelihood of this is near total. The government wants to keep the number of systems being installed under the current rates as low as possible and is using very cynical means to achieve their aims.

Until we see the costs of a legal challenge at the Supreme Court we cannot be sure but I would be very interested to see the figures on the FIT payments to the extra systems that could be installed  in five weeks and a comparison to the legal costs government has given itself fighting a losing battle. Embarrasingly.

Wouldn’t that money be better spent on solar power than legal fees? Or teachers, hospitals, the police for that matter?


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