Her Majesty’s Treasury.

This post could run and run if I let it.

The Chancellor’s recently revealed vision for the UK becoming a Gas Hub at the expense of renewable energy is awful short-termist nonsense (in that it makes no sense).

Vincent de Rivaz of EDF has indicated the strike price levels being negotiated by his company for support for new nuclear are around £140/MWh, £50/MWh more than onshore wind currently costs. Incidentally, I am not in principle against nuclear, as long as we’re honest about what its purpose shall be, how much it will cost (and who is paying)and how long it will take to build.

A 3p/litre rise on fuel duty was deferred from the start of August until the end of the calendar year. At the same time, rail prices are in line for 6%+ rises next year. So we’re helping out people who cause congestion, air pollution and climate change while making life harder for people who take public transport.



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