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Some one is wrong on the Internet!

This was the end of an email I got about the story that as far as peer-reviewed journals are concerned, nobody’s arguing about climate change.

This was my response which I’d like to share…

The sad thing is, in some sense, they’re not wrong (the people arguing against climate change).
If you accept that climate change is caused by burning (very old) dead things, and that the risks posed by it are severe enough to do something about (i.e. you can follow the analysis stemming from highly calibrated global climate models), there can be no effective solution without strong government intervention.
So either, you are wrong about climate change, or you are wrong to believe that government is inefficient, all taxation is immoral and if we just had less pesky government everything would be better. It turns out when faced with a heavy duty body of peer reviewed science the implications of which are that your world view is untenable, it can be easier to go after the science rather than give up your long held beliefs (incidentally, the time we’ve had to wait between AR4 and AR5 is the longest since the IPCC started doing reports for the UN which, presumably has to be because they are bending over backwards to make it totally bulletproof).